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Hello! This is a group dedicated to Zarziols, An Original Species created by *Kaweki. Anyone is welcome, whether you own a Zarziol or not. Zarziols are an OPEN species.
Founded 3 Years ago
Mar 10, 2013


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95 Members
123 Watchers
6,165 Pageviews
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:bulletblue: As of January 3rd, 2016, Zarziols are now an OPEN species! :bulletblue:



- FAQ -

What IS a Zarziol?
"Zarziols" are an original species by Ferwildir that have dragon, raptor, and moth-like characteristics.

Can I make my own?
Yep! Zarziols are now an "open" species, meaning you're free to make your own and use it as a personal character!

Do they have a particular color/design scheme that I need to follow?
Nope! They can be any color! There are no color limits, BUT keep in mind that Zarziols with natural colors are more rare than those with un-natural colors. (The insides of the mouth like the gums and tongue can be of any color as well!)

What does a Zarziol's tongue look like?
A Zarziol's tongue is narrow and pointed.

Can I add hair/clothes/accessories to my Zarziol?
Yes! you are allowed to let its "fluff" grow out so it appears like hair.
You may also dress up/add accessories to your character.

Can I add extra features/body parts to my Zarziol?
No, since the species is meant to be fairly simple in design. This also means that you cannot change anything about any of the Zarziol's features.

Things you may NOT add to your Zarziol include:

- Extra Limbs/Antlers/Etc.
- Wings/Fins/Scales/Etc.

Can the ears/tail be of any length? Or am I strictly supposed to follow the refs?
No. A Zarziol's ears and tail are always long in length and should not be further extended nor shortened.

How tall are Zarziols compared to humans?
Zarziols are about 4 ft tall.

What is the average lifespan of a Zarziol?
Zarziols can live for up to 200 years!

What do Zarziols eat?
Zarziols are omnivores.

Am I allowed to make/commission a fursuit of my Zarziol?
Absolutely! That permission is granted for any open species of mine. However, If you're thinking of making/commissioning a suit from a closed species of mine, You MUST already have a character from that closed species that you've either adopted, purchased, or won in an event from me.


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:bulletgreen: Join requests are automatically accepted.

:bulletgreen: Unlimited Submissions Everyday!

:bulletgreen: Please respect Admins and other members.

*This group is currently under construction*

"What are Zarziols?"

Zarziols are an Original Species created by :iconferwildir:

:bulletgreen:Zarziols are Dragon/Raptor/Moth like creatures that are about 4 Ft. Tall.

:bulletblue:Zarziols are Omnivores.

:bulletpurple:Zarziols can come in many colors.

:bulletpink: Zarziols have opposable thumbs.

:bulletyellow: the Iris of a Zarziol's Eye is huge, making the white part of the eye slightly visible.

:bulletwhite: Pupils are always contracted.

:bulletgreen: Zarziols are an OPEN species :bulletgreen:

"How can i get one?"

Everyone is allowed to make their own Zarziol(s)!

You can also get a Custom Zarziol Here


- Participate in "Draw-to-Adopt" contests.
- Adopt Pre-Designed Zarziols.

By :iconferwildir:

Got any Questions or Suggestions? Note *Ferwildir










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